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January  2012   Issue Vol. 32  No. 4 

Cover Story
Hot Time for Cold Chains
With quality fruits and variety of fruits in demand round the year, cold storage is a good business opportunity.

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Market Survey
Handicrafts: Vast Untapped Potential
The labour-intensive handicrafts industry requires a more organised structure. It needs to initiate capacity and skill development programmes for better returns.
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Market Survey
Rubber: Stretching Supply-Demand Paradox
The production of rubber needs to be increased by identifying areas that can be taken up under cultivation.
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Market Survey
Wool: Holistic Upgrade for Warmer Future
Though India ranks third in the world in sheep stock, it has not yet shined both in the domestic as well as the external wool market. Hence efforts are needed to upgrade this sector without any delay.
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Market Survey
Time to Step Up Tapioca Production
A new demand has emerged for tapioca-based raw materials as various industries affected due to rising costs of maize have started using tapioca starch as an alternative to maize starch.
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Online vs Print Marketing: The Digital Divide
What makes Internet marketing different from print advertising? Is it just about the technology or there is a shift in the creativity knack?
When in Pain, Patch It Up!
New-generation transdermal patches can be a savior when it comes to chronic pain.
Why the Decline of the West is Best?
It’s time to get over the fascination for West and its failed models and priorities, which are leading to its decline.
MSMEs: R&D Overhaul to Ride the Tide
MSMEs in India face the brunt of liberalisation and globalisation measures. Proper R&D and good-quality products will help these to compete in the global market and earn through exports.
Banking & Finance
Microfinance Institutions: The Next Building Blocks
Microfinancing can enable micro-entrepreneurship, helping to generate employment.
The Learning Revolution
“If I shall not be learning now, when shall I be?”—Lacydes of Cyrene, philosopher, on being asked why he was learning geometry in old age.
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